Friday, June 29, 2012


More Favorites for you all!

1.  H&M baby Clothes!  I love shopping there to begin with but they have the cutest little baby stuff ever.  I actually picked up one of these little lady bug outfits for little baby b...possibly while we're at the hospital.

2.  Puppy Chow.  Sounds so good to me lately.  There is just something about it that tastes so good...probably the chocolate and sugar, right?!  Yumm!

3.  Making baby headbands.  My ottoman in our living room is consumed by crafty headband making supplies right now.  I LOVE making these cute things...and you better believe little baby b will be in one as much as possible!  :)

4.  Wimbledon.  It's on TV right now and keeping me occupied while I'm putting my poor swollen feet up for a rest in the afternoon.  I LOVE watching tennis on TV - so it's been great!  Although, my favorite, NADAL, just!

5.  Mustela Stretch Mark Cream.  I'm using that stuff like crazy lately....also, it has a great smell and makes your skin feel nice and soft.  No definite stretch marks but I will admit I'm seeing a couple small lines starting to appear.  Just crossing my fingers it won't get worse!  :) 

6.  ICE WATER!  Oh my...I drink like a gallon a's sooooo good!  :)

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